Ars Poetica

We are in possession of unique microclimate. It rivals that of Bordeaux.
We do have fertile soil rich of crop. The abundant gift of nature.
We have our traditions we are proud of. We inherited these traditions from Zsigmond Teleki, whose dedicated work of hands led to the rebirth of the vineyards of Europe.
We possess the technology of the 21st century. We believe in the power of valiant innovation.

And we have something else: devotion. Commitment with the final objective to elevate our wines to the top ones in the world.
We are dedicated to create wines that inspire people for new experiments, invigorating discussions and enjoyment of life. To fulfill this aim, we bottled a thought, a smile into every single bottle.

Csányi Winery. Bottled inspiration.

Interesting Facts, Awards, Events


  • Devil cauldron

    Pan-Art Festival

    A multi-cultural event in four small villages in the county of Baranya, Villany Wine region
    (Hungary – Kisharsány, Nagyharsány, Palkonya, Beremend, Vylyan winery)


    „This means mainly a diversity of genre. We take the words seriously: pan-art. If we were profit-oriented, we would of course be organising a rock and/or a gastronomy festival – but although we have no problem with the forementioned types of festivals, our motives are altogether different- creating a five-day celebration of humanity, diversity and quality, enlisting all genres carrying value, providing an opportunity to everything from mainstream to marginal – experimental.” 

    (László Bérczes, festival director)

    „… The real experience and certitude found me in August, 2011, when I first visited the festival, and in five days I could observe myself that even with a big amount of time and experience behind me, I could be astonished by people: that quality, variegation, couriousity and above all, modesty and love have the potential to generate happy communities even in this rather harsh and sometimes alienated 21st century.” 

    (Mari Törőcsik, patron)

The Estate


Estate center

The centre of our winery is located in the heart of Villány. Its impressive, modern building completely fits in the surrounding landscape. The processing plant is equipped with the most modern machinery, while our breathtakingly long cellar labyrinth is a silent shelter for our maturing wines and and our treasures of old vintages. Our wineshop is open every weekday and with registration in advance we give you an insight to the secret of our winemaking procedure. 
Address7773 Villány, Ady Endre fasor